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Drabblethon, um, drabble... (AHAHAHAHAHAH...right.)

Okay, so I just posted my "drabble" for the Cats' Birthday Drabblethon. Let's just all accept the fact that when it comes to drabbling I FAIL LIKE A FAILING THING, okay? This puppy ended up being 1,664 words. We'll just say it's 16.5 drabbles. *nodnodnodnod*

Anyway. Should you care to read it.... (Also note that it's in three consecutive comments, so make sure you read all three or you might be confused at the end of the second one. *cough*)

Title: Drunkenness Is Nothing But Voluntary Madness
Recipient: [info - livejournal.com] stormwynd
Prompt: Draco sleeps with either Ron or Harry but can't remember which one.
Word count: 1,664. I am so damn glad the cats can’t count because I FAIL at drabbling.
Rating: NC-17
A/N: Title from a quote by Seneca.

I’ve lost track of how many drinks I’ve had.

Also while you're there, read the one written for me by [info - livejournal.com] cheshyre! It's an actual, you know, drabble and it's AWESOME. *hearts Slytherin Pansy* \0/
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I'm too tired to think of anything interesting to put here.

Con crud has reached the point that I gave up this morning, miserable, and called in sick to work. Blech. I hate calling in sick. I always feel guilty for doing it.

I am now ensconced on the couch, wrapped in a blanket,coughing my lungs up and sneezing like mad. However, I have discovered Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is on TV. OMG, I love this movie more than I can even say. It's just brilliantly cheesy. \0/

Also for some weird reason Dick Van Dyke at the moment is reminding me of adult!Harry with his kids. Yeah, I don't even know. I blame the fever. Or something.
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I can has Draco/Chekov! \0/

So, on our last night at Azkatraz, Beth, Cordelia, Dragon, [info - livejournal.com] leela_cat and [info - livejournal.com] lesyeuxverts00 and I ended up at a showing of Star Trek because Dragon hadn't seen it yet. And on the way back, the suggestion of Draco/Chekov as a pairing may have been made and I may have had an entire brain meltdown on the San Francisco sidewalks at the ABSOLUTE HAWTNESS of the thought. (Don't look at me that way. There is nothing hotter than two twinky seventeen-year-olds, and you know it. *g*)

I came home tonight to find that Lyv had written me a Draco/Chekov drabble and it is AWESOME. \0/\0/\0/\0/\0/ I need more. And I might actually be considering throwing the wee HP/Star Trek crossover fest Lyv's trying to talk me into just to get more Draco/Chekov smut if there'd be any interest in it... *eyes flist*

Dammit, I need a Chekov icon.

Also, there is an Azkatraz friending meme going on now...go forth and find peeps. \0/

Must take a little nap now...con crud has most definitely set in. Alas. Woe. I think I've coughed up a lung today. Ew.
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home again, home again

Back from Azkatraz and SO not looking forward to going in to work tomorrow. Although I have brought Ghirardelli chocolate back with which to bribe coworkers.

Con report later when I have a time to recuperate from a cross-country flight, but briefly for now:

a) San Francisco is awesome and I love it and I want to go back NOW;

b) my love for Snape/Draco burns bright again post-HBP (you guys, that scene--you know the one, omg) and as for my love for Harry/Draco...well, let's just say I now have around thirty Harry/Draco stories on my to-write list after this con, dammit, people, stop bunnying me;

c) the H/D panel was made of win and I was and am in awe of my fellow panelists, who all completely rock \0/;

d) after five cons, I finally caved and bought a Slytherin robe and prefect pin so I can cosplay Pansy (oh, hush);

e) I've been sunburned like crazy since I went on a bay cruise with a lovely group of slashers on Saturday afternoon; and

f) the top non-Azkatraz-related memory of San Francisco I will take with me to my grave is standing up in a packed and predominately gay piano bar down Market Street, [info - livejournal.com] cordelia_v and the pianist having coerced me, [info - livejournal.com] geoviki and [info - livejournal.com] noeon into singing backup for Cordelia on Dancing Queen. Yes. Dancing Queen karoke. In a gay piano bar. I'd had five Cherry Blossom cocktails by then; I was weak and susceptible and duly (and rightly so) teased mercilessly by [info - livejournal.com] bethbethbeth and [info - livejournal.com] ze_dragon for giving in. *g* And yet...I'm so glad I did it. :D

I now have to go coax my cat into loving me again. I'm currently being Shunned, though I think I saw a little pink nose poke around the corner of my bedroom door a moment ago.

Also, I think con crud is starting to strike... :(
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Birthday wishes and HBP comment \0/

Today is [info - livejournal.com] ze_dragon's birthday and she wanted glitter text. SO GLITTER TEXT SHE GETS. *hearts* Everyone tell her happy birthday! :D

sparkle - http://www.sparklee.com

Quick spoilerish HBP comment under the cut... )

Must now get dressed in order to, you know, see San Fran. :D
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A friend in need's a friend indeed, a friend with weed is better

Slept through a good chunk of today and yesterday due to feeling like crap physically, so I'm just getting around to comments and flisting and posting of fic on various comms (yeah, er, sorry to anyone who gets hit by crossposting /0\). Also, I do not want to go back to work tomorrow. *cries* However, I have managed to get a bit of my Snarry Games fic done between naps, although I have a long way to go before I'm finished. Um. You may see me writing frantically at Azkatraz... *looks shifty*

Okay about this picture of Tom Felton that he tweeted today? Jesus Christ. And for the love of all that is holy do not get me started on this one. I can't even. Seriously. I can't. Gott im Himmel. Can Kai Z Feng take all of his pictures now because he makes the boy look like sex on a stick. I keep looking at them, going, good Lord, boy, when did you grow up and can you please stop making me feel like a perv because I remember when you were in Anna and the King, my God. And then I stop and think that maybe that's how I make Snape feel when I force him to perv on Draco, and you know, I'm really kind of okay with that.

I am going through a massive Brian Molko/Placebo love phase at the moment. Be afraid. There is a pimp post of doom coming whenever I can be arsed to code it up. This may very well trace back to a recent viewing of Velvet Goldmine which threw me into a glam rock/early punk rock kick that I'm still wallowing about in cheerfully, which of course then traces directly down to Brian. And seriously, fandom, where the hell is the Placebo love? I mean good God, you have a band with an openly admitted bisexual (and as an aside I have post percolating in my head about bisexuality and fic) and an uncloseted homosexual and yet I have found only one members-locked fic community (which of course I immediately joined)? This grievous lack must be fixed. I've already managed to slide past Brian/Draco into one fic I'm working on. Of course I've also managed to slip in Harry/Simon Amstell too--shut up, I've been watching a lot of Never Mind the Buzzcocks this week and I'm a little enamoured with Simon at the moment. Plus the idea of him dating Harry amuses me to no end.

Also, for some reason Brian Molko (*points to icon*) is a grown-up Albus Severus in my head. I don't even know, but there you go. He's my Al, cocky little Slytherin bastard attitude and all. \0/

Anyway. I now have lo mein from the Chinese restaurant down the street and a cat who's eyeing it a little too closely for my comfort. Must go rescue it, I think. Back soon...
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FIC: Cigarettes Will Kill You, NC-17, Harry/Draco

I have committed pornage. I have committed pornage that is under 4,000 words. !!!! (No really! I wrote a short PWP! I'm just as stunned as you are.) I have also committed pornage that involves adultery. Don't look at me like that; I'm evidently in a Harry-as-cheating-bastard mood lately. \0/ I can't help myself. I don't even know.

Anyway. Should you feel the urge to indulge in a little adulterous porn, I'm your girl today. Clicketh below. :D And now I go back to writing Snarry for the rest of today.

Title: Cigarettes Will Kill You
Summary: He lights a cigarette across the pub, his hand cupped to his mouth as the tip sparks to life in a faint orange flare, and my breath catches.
Pairing: Harry/Draco, mentions of Harry/Ginny
Rating: NC-17
Warning: adultery
Word count: ~3800
Author's Notes: Written for in two hours for [info - livejournal.com]bryoneybrynn's Speed Pronz challenge using this picture prompt. Title cheerfully stolen from Ben Lee. Many thanks to [info - livejournal.com]noeon for her quick beta/readthrough.

He lights a cigarette across the pub… )
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I heart my OTP of OTPs.

I just found this via [info - livejournal.com]torenheksje and I do not care if all the rest of you have already seen it because you guys. It's Snape and Draco's post-HBP love nest Spinner's End. *squee*

Cut for HBP movie spoilage )

Seriously, I really feel bad for any of y'all at Azkatraz who I drag to see multiple showing of HBP with me (no, seriously, I'm so not joking) since I don't have a ticket to the huge group showing, because I will be FLAILING LIKE CRAZY with OTP love. No seriously. You don't even know. I'm already squeeing into my pillow right now, and I just. This movie. I don't care if it absolutely sucks eggs--IT WILL BE A SNAPE/DRACO ORGASM OF LOVE, IT WILL.


OMG, I really don't know how y'all are going to deal with me, seriously. Bouncing. Off. Walls. Already.

*grabs Snape and Draco and shoves them together, making kissy-kissy noises*

\0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/

ETA: AHAHAHA, thanks to [info - livejournal.com]noeon, I already have a ticket to the 7:45 showing on Thursday night at the Loew's across from the Parc 55. \0/
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Oh, yeah, it's so clear, all the bad things are gone, all the good things are here

I just walked in the door from a weekend down in NJ, seeing the Old 97's at Maxwell's. Am trying to catch up this evening, especially on comments for my club!fic (oh, hey, did you know I posted that damn 12,500 word H/D club!fic Friday? *G*) but for now a quick update before I attempt to find some sort of food...

Bandom Fic Rec - [info - livejournal.com]supergrover24 has posted her [info - livejournal.com]bandombigbang fic and anyone with any interest in Panic At The Disco should read it. It's a Jon/Ryan Bewitched AU and it's really, seriously fantastic. Let me put it this way. I'm not a huge PATD girl, and I usually don't like Ryan Ross. Jodie made me love him in this fic. So yeah. You should definitely read this one. Also, Jodie writes seriously excellent pr0n, even when it's not explicit. I'm just saying. *g* You can find it here: Sing To Him, Each Spring

Old 97's - What can I say other than they were absolutely fantastic? Both Murry and Rhett did opening sets of their solo work before the whole band took the stage. And they played Weightless! I've wanted them to play that song for years and I'm not joking. They never have at any concert I've been at until last night, which made me ridonkuloulsy happy. Also, [info - livejournal.com]djinnj, [info - livejournal.com]ze_dragon and I decided to go to Maxwell's early to grab dinner before the doors opened. The waitress seated us, and we looked over and the whole damn band was at the table next to ours. Seriously. There was massive, albeit quiet, flailing over that. TRUST ME. (The four of them appear to have excellent table manners and a great love of alcohol and French fries. *g*)

Knitting - I appear to have been sucked into the knitting vortex this weekend. I have about eight inches of a garter stich scarf done already. Dammit. *eyes [info - livejournal.com]djinnj, [info - livejournal.com]ze_dragon balefully* Also I may have spent four hours today on a bus knitting. And another half hour on the T. /0\

Food now. BBS. *g*
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FIC: Let's Dance To Joy Division 1/2 (Harry/Draco, NC-17)

Title: Let's Dance To Joy Division 1/2

Pairing: Harry/Draco

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: candle play (for a [info - community]kink_bingo square \0/)

Word count: ~12,500

Author notes: Yeah, okay, this was supposed to be a short little PWP for Draco's 29th birthday on June 5. Hah. Much love to [info - livejournal.com]supergrover24 for her beta. *hearts Jodie* Title shamelessly stolen from The Wombats. Not that Draco would have any clue who they are. Or Joy Division for that matter. :D

Let the love tear us apart, I've found a cure for a broken heart… )

Part Two

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FIC: Let's Dance To Joy Division 2/2 (Harry/Draco, NC-17)

Title: Let's Dance To Joy Division 2/2

Pairing: Harry/Draco

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: candle play (for a [info - community]kink_bingo square \0/)

Word count: ~12,500

Author notes: Yeah, okay, this was supposed to be a short little PWP for Draco's 29th birthday on June 5. Hah. Much love to [info - livejournal.com]supergrover24 for her beta. *hearts Jodie* Title shamelessly stolen from The Wombats. Not that Draco would have any clue who they are. Or Joy Division for that matter. :D

Part One

Part Two )

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Bad fic. No biscuit.

So I promised [info - livejournal.com]noeon I'd post my H/D club!fic tonight before I went to bed, but I've realized there's a scene that's bugging me and I'm not entirely certain why, so I want to sleep on it. (And, seriously, if anyone can tell me how a short little PWP ficlet meant for Draco's birthday has somehow managed to hit twelve freaking thousand words I'd love to know. /0\ I fail so hard at the concept of PWP, you guys. OMG SO HARD.)

Anyway. Shall be attempting to fix that scene tomorrow at lunch, then having [info - livejournal.com]ze_dragon post it for me later in the afternoon, knock wood, as a) I want the damn thing done and away from my tinkering so I can focus on other fics, and b) we're busing down to New Jersey after I get off work to see a sold out Old 97s show Saturday night at Maxwell's with [info - livejournal.com]djinnj. \0/ CAN. NOT. WAIT. Really, I would be happiest if I could just quit my job and follow them around the country like a Deadhead. Why, oh why, am I not independently wealthy? *cries*

Ah well. For now, bed. If I can get the cat to move off my pillow. *eyes him balefully*

*tries to decide whether to use a Rhett icon or a H/D icon*

*decides to split the difference and use a Rhett-as-Harry icon FTW*
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(no subject)

Today i started drinking at 4:30 pm with Dragon and spider. Six hours and seven mojitos later i am home. It has been that kind of day.

But the mojitos make me feel a lot better about it.\0/ Have to go drink water and take aspirin now. and I want French fries. A lot.

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Sometimes it just takes a shift in perception.

I had a shitty day on several different levels today and was indulging in a bout of morose self-pity earlier this evening. Then I found these links on Twitter under the #iranelection hash tag and suddenly my ridiculously petty gripes seem so inane. Warning for graphic content in some of these.

Photos from the rally in Tehran today

.faramarz's photos from Tehran on Flickr

Tehran rally photos from the New York Times

Cellphone videos from the riots/rallies

I don't really know what to say other than those people walking through the streets have my utmost respect.
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I am feeling retro today.

After sleeping less than 2 hours Thursday night for various reasons (*eyes the cats balefully*), I came home last night and crashed for four and a half hours, then got up and puttered around sleepily for a few more before crashing again until 10 this morning. I'm currently curled up on the living room chaise, windows thrown open to the first sunshine in days, with the 60s easy listening music channel playing the instrumentals of Mancini and Bert Kaempfert and Percy Faith and Francis Goya. \0/ I am such a sucker for cheesy 60s music.

Have breakfasted, showered, bitched at the cats, done a Dungeons thread, bitched at the cats again, and talked to my sister so far today. Now I have to do a few dishes, write (ZOMG, write), throw some laundry in, email [info] - livejournal.comglockgal about what I want for my commission, check in on a fluish [info] - livejournal.comnoeon to see how she's feeling, kill my upstairs neighbours who are playing crap music again and drowning out my Kaempfert dammit,and prep for a couple more Dungeons threads tonight.

This is the last lazy weekend I'll have for the rest of the month--next weekend I'll be down in Hoboken for an Old 97s concert and the weekend after that I'll be off on a four-day work trip. I am going to enjoy lazing about this weekend, doing not a damn thing other than what I want to do.

Oh, and also, I've discovered that the latest update to my G1 sometimes keeps me logged in to gchat, even when I'm not. So, er, if you ping me on gchat and I don't answer, but I'm showing up as being online, I might not actually be, thanks to my phone. /0\
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Dammit, Jim, I'm a doctor not a physicist.

I finally went to see Star Trek tonight with [info] - livejournal.comnoeon. This is my review: HOLY BUGGERING FUCK, YOU GUYS.

Someone had better hook me up with some Sulu/Chekov fic now. Or Spock/Chekov. Or Scotty/Chekov. Or Bones/Chekov. Or...hell, can everyone shag Chekov because OMG *sparklyhearts*. \0/ (Shut up, I am nothing if not predictable.)

Also I appear to be desperately in need of some Snape/Spock fic because seriously how hot is that to contemplate? I mean. OMG. Noe and I have now decided that particular crossover subgenre absolutely must be coaxed into a thriving subculture in fandom. There may be plots afoot to bring this about. *looks shifty*

Must go to bed now. I leave you with this one thought. CHEKOV. \0/
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Ever since I found you I've been orbiting around you like you are the sun

My Rhett CD just arrived, thank you, Amazon pre-order! \0/ Um, not that I haven't had the mp3s for the past week and been listening to them non-stop or anything. *looks shifty* But! The actual package is in my hands and I absolutely must scan and icon the back photo because it is AWESOME. *hearts Rhett OMG* (And the deluxe album on iTunes has FIVE bonus songs on it, HOORAY. *shoves more money at Rhett*)

Walking home tonight, I passed a twentysomething guy carrying a skateboard. Painted on the deck was the Dark Mark. This amused me to no end in so many ways.

Speaking of Dark Marks (what, it's a segue, go with it), I have been flailing over the Adam Lambert Rolling Stone cover all afternoon. Trufax, I must admit that I've been reading Kradam fic (and downloading last season's AI epsiodes) since last week because I totally fell for Adam after seeing the US video with him and Kris. And now I'm horribly tempted to follow up my Harry/Draco club!fic (which is nearly done, yay) with a sequel Harry/Draco/Adam club!fic. /0\ But it would work for one of my [info] - communitykink_bingo prompts! And it would be brutally hot. And he's on the cover of Rolling Stone with a snake. I mean, really. Oh my God. It's like crack for a Slytherin lover.

Totally skipped lunch today. Must find food. Then do a bit of Dungeons. Then finish club!fic and force Jodie to beta it for me. \0/ And then start another one...
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But I never knew love before 'til you walked through my door

In the course of the past hour I have blown THREE lightbulbs in various lamps in my apartment. Evidently this is today's magic ability. I'm your girl if you need your lights to go out tonight. \0/

I am going to hell for this, but really, it's all [info] - livejournal.comsinick's fault. She pointed out that this HBP photo needed a little, ahem, enhancement. So. Yeah. Going to hell now. \0/

Chatting up in the Hogwarts hallways--potentially mildly NSFW )

I leave you with that thought. \0/ I have lip-gloss-wearing Draco to finish writing. *g*
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Let's get together and feel all right.

Before I head to bed, I had to share this, which [info] - livejournal.comgoseaward linked me to earlier tonight. If it doesn't make you go \0/, I don't know what will. :D As Goosey said, it's just happymaking.

Playing For Change is, according to their website, a multimedia movement created to inspire, connect, and bring peace to the world through music. They go around the world, recording musicians and splicing the video and audio together into something amazing. This is episode three of nine that they've posted to their blog. Immediately after hearing it, I went and bought the album.

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Please allow me a moment of OTP flailing. \0/

The amount of utter GLEE this photo from HBP gives me is completely ridiculous really.

HBP spoiler, I guess, although hell, if you've read the book you know exactly what this scene is. )

Excuse me for a moment while I step over here and do the OTP DANCE OF HAPPY-HAPPY-JOY-JOY. \0/ \0/\0/\0/\0/\0/\0/\0/\0/\0/\0/\0/\0/\0/\0/\0/\0/\0/\0/\0/\0/\0/\0/\0/\0/\0/\0/


Now that I've composed myself.

OMG YOU GUYS. I AM GOING TO LOVE THIS MOVIE AS MUCH AS I LOVE THE BOOK, OH YES. Best book of the series. Hands-down. Bar-none. Plot be damned. I HAVE SNACO MOMENTS AT LAST, AIEEEEEE. I am going to enjoy the fuck out of them too, now I know what's coming in the next installment. But lets ignore that for now, shall we? Because OMGYAYAYAYAYAYAY I FINALLY GET TO SEE MY OTP ON SCREEN.

*draws SPARKLY HEARTS OF LURVE around Severus and Draco*

Canon, baby. Effing canon. \0/
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