Emo playlist for Isolde

So, tonight [info]isoldest told me to come up with a list of ten emoboyz songs and she'd listen to them the whole way through. And dude, I'm not stupid, so I jumped at the chance to pimp her into bandslash introduce her to my latest obsession, so I've culled through my 400-song emoboyz playlist and picked 10 of the songs I think she's least likely to run screaming away from. :D

I haven't included any Panic songs because I'm not certain they're Isolde's cup of tea musically. I'll hit her with those after she succumbs to these. *looks innocent* I've also linked to YouTube versions of the music videos where applicable because believe me, these boys know how to do fantatstic music videos. These songs will be left up for one week and then I'll take them down. So if anyone else would like to be pimped into Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance.... :D

( Songs for Isolde )

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