Artses! For me!!!

My [ profile] hd_holidays gift posted tonight and I'm all squeeful because it is gorgeous art that's so subtle and delicate and fairy-taleish. ZOMG. I heart it something fierce. \0/

Everyone should go look and tell the artist how awesome it is..and dear God, I want to live in that house so much. It would be fantastic. :D Although I suppose I'll allow Harry and Draco to live there, if they let me come visit. *G*

Two...Four...Six... by Anonymous

Also, huge thank yous to everyone who sent snowflakes earlier this week (and apologies for the belated thanks--I've been keeping myself offline in order to write the past couple of days). I meant to return the snowflake love once I got home from work on Monday night, but alas, LJ had turned the option off by the time I got to my laptop. But believe me when I say every single one of them brought a smile to my face on a day when that was sorely needed. You guys are seriously awesome. *hugs every damn one of you*


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