This and that, and recs of fic.

I am evidently ridonkulously homesick because I have the University of Florida/University of South Carolina football game on the TV and I hate football, whether college or NFL. But it's a South Carolina home game and (despite the fact that I am highly ambivalent about USC and its athletics program) I'm all HOME! WOOBIES! *sniffles*

Anyway. I caught up on two Spooks episodes today while procrastinating from writing and was going to rant about a certain plot development that occurred at the end of 8x03, but then [info -] reserve distracted me this awesome photo and I really think someone should write Harry/Draco fic based on it. *eyes certain segments of my flist speculatively* I am willing to beg, trust me.

Two fic recs! One's Snape/Draco, one's Harry/Draco.

The first is Clean and Filthy by [info -] entrenous88. It's a 5,000 word post-HBP Snaco written for the [info]daily_deviant kink costumes. It's got Spinner's End, power plays and Draco dressed as a French maid. Oh, and there may be a scorching hot boot. It's gorgeous and oh, it makes me miss Snape/Draco so much. I think once I finish some of these fics I'm working on at the moment, I might reward myself with a wee bit of Snaco writing.

The second is Cornbread and Sweet Tea by [info -] sor_bet and it's the prompt I chose to have written for me for the [info -] ownficfest. It's a Harry/Draco AU that takes place in the American South, and I adore how [info -] sor_bet weaves actual canon into the story while picking the characters up and making them truly Southern--and yet keeping them totally in character. It's a wonderful read and take it from this Southerner, it's spot-on. \0/

Have realized that it's six-thirty and I haven't eaten yet today. Hm. Probably should remedy that...


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