So sleeeeeepy....

Work = ridiculously busy for the foreseeable future

Writing = ridiculously busy for the foreseeable future

I'll probably be around and about as I have time, but my to-do list in RL and fandom is extremely long for the next few weeks. However, I'm going to see Nick Hornby speak on Wednesday night with [info -] noeon and her S.O. and I am soooo excited. After Neil Gaiman, Hornby's my next favourite modern writer. This would be me at the moment: \0/!!!\0/!!!\0/!!!

Before I toddle off to bed, I thought I'd post a few of the answers to the top 5 meme I asked for last week or so. (Yes, it's taken me this long to do them. /0\) I've only got ten done; I have another seven to finish up...I'm doing them during breaks from work. However I feel accomplished that I'm more than halfway through them as of tonight, and I'm halfway through answering comments on my [info]snarry_games fic. I take my little victories as I can lately. *g*

The top five fics you would like to write, but haven't - yet for [info -] accioslash

Okay, I'm ignoring the three fics that are on my list to finish by Dec. 31 this year. :D These are the other fics I want to write at some point down the road.

1. A modern Harry/Draco version of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

2. A sequel to my Snape/Draco fic Illuminations de Noël .

3. A Roman-era Snape/Draco fic based on this pic and the Severan dynasty of Roman emperors.

4. A Harry/Draco time travel back to Hogwarts fic

5. An Albus Severus/Viktor fic involving the lost Amber Room from Catherine Palace in Tsarskoye Selo neaer St Petersburg.

Top 5 things you (secretly) love that no one would suspect of you for [info -] drusillas_rain

LOL, I don't know if anyone would consider these secrets 'cause if you know me well enough or long enough I share all my guilty pleasures, but...

1. Mpreg (I have a huge, huge, huge love for mpreg. Even bad mpreg. And I have since I saw Junior when I was in college. Shut up. I heart men with babies.)

2. Cheesy 70s music such as ABBA, Barry Manilow and the BeeGees. (They're awesome, and I will stop in public and sing Mandy if it comes on. Fair warning to anyone around me.)

3. Doris Day movies. I do not care if they're ridiculously improbable, I love them, preciooooooouuuus.

4. English Premiere League Football. I follow Tottenham.

5. Sophie Kinsella books. I cannot help myself. I read them all.

Top five places you'd like Draco and Chekov to have sex for [info -] lesyeuxverts00

Should anyone want to write these, I'd be A-okay with that. :D

1. Snape's bed (with or without Snape present)

2. Kirk's chair on the bridge

3. Spock's bed (with or without Spock present)

4. A deserted hallway in Starfleet Academy

5. Lucius's library in the Manor using the pimp cane as a sexual aid of some sort.

Top five favorite websites for [info -] book_wyrm

1. (because I always wish I could be organized and productive and yet fail, fail, fail at doing so)

2. Salon (Especially the Broadsheet blog)

3. NY Times (I get pretty much all my news from here and Salon)

4. The Dungeons comm on IJ (I spend a ridiculous amount of time RPing, seriously, a ridiculous amount of time *g*)

5. (I will gladly, gladly, gladly pay $17 a month just for the streaming movies/TV shows.)

Top five favourite moments from the HP books for [info -] wenelda

1. Snape and Draco at Slughorn's party from Half-Blood Prince (Wall sex! Look, in my head it happened, okay? Harry just forgot to tell us about it.)

2. The Sectumsempra scene from Half-Blood Prince…er, but mainly for the Snape-healing-Draco part. (And then the infirmary!sex that Harry didn't see.)

3. The Harry/Draco nod in the epilogue.

4. The first time we meet Tonks in Order of the Phoenix

5. Draco covering for Harry in the Manor in Deathly Hallows

Top five best gifts you've received for [info -] djin7

1. An actual coin from the reign of the Roman emperor Septimus Severus that has Severus imprinted on it. [info] cursve gave it to me for Christmas two years ago.

2. A bright red tote bag from [info -] luciamad that has Emma Goldman, Lenin and Marx on it and that says Anti-Capitalists Have More Fun. I like carrying it to work with me and freaking out the Republicans.

3. An Old 97s Rock Obama poster signed by all the band members that [info -] djinnj gave [info -] ze_dragon and me as an apartment warming gift last year.

4. A set of gorgeous matryoshkas from [info -] ze_dragon.

5. My baby sister

Top five HP het pairings for [info -] ncp

1. Snape/Narcissa

2. Snape/Tonks

3. Snape/Pansy (um, I'm seeing a pattern here…)

4. Blaise/Pansy

5. Goyle/Millicent (I like Millicent. I like Goyle. I want them to have chubby, sweet babies together.)

Top five characters you like to write for [info -] goseaward

1. Draco Malfoy

2. Severus Snape

3. Harry Potter

4. Pansy Parkinson

5. Viktor Krum

Top five Adrien Brody movies for [info -] a_belladonna

1. The Brothers Bloom

2. Liberty Heights

3. Dummy

4. The Pianist

5. The Darjeeling Limited

Top five happy images from HP (canon, fanon, whatever--just whatever visual you really like) for [info -] goseaward

These are all from my own personal canon in my head because, honestly, it's what makes me happiest...

1. Draco laughing on a cold winter day, his cheeks pink and the wind whipping through his hair.

2. Snape sitting in an armchair in front of a fireplace, a book in one hand, whisky in the other, looking up to glance over at Draco, curled up on the sofa next to him, reading and drinking wine.

3. Harry and Draco's first kiss, against a wall, slow and sweet, with Draco's fingers tangled in Harry's shirt and Harry's hands resting lightly on Draco's hips

4. Draco's face softening when he holds Scorpius in his arms for the very first time.

5. Harry and Draco dancing together in an empty room to Ella Fitzgerald's Cheek to Cheek

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