FIC: Sing A Mad Rebellion (Snape/Harry, NC-17)

So my [info]snarry_games fic was posted last night. I'm going to admit that I'm really a lot more nervous than I usually am upon fic-posting and have been since I turned this fic in. It took me until this afternoon to figure out why: I approached writing this story as if it were a novel, and the result is the closest I've come to writing such a creature. Eep. /0\

Anyway, should you like to read 56,000 words (give or take a few) of somewhat dystopic Snape/Harry, here you go. :)

Title: Sing A Mad Rebellion
Genre: Alive and Kicking
Prompts: Secrets and Lies, Assassination
Rating/Warnings/Kinks: NC-17, Highlight if you wish to know: *Non-Snarry pairing (non-explicit), het mentions, bisexuality, minor character death, politics, semi-epilogue compliance, violence*
Word Count: 55,991
Author Notes/Disclaimers/Betas: A huge thank you to my betas [info -] noeon and [info -] goseaward, and much gratitude to Noe for coaxing this story into being. Massive thanks also to the mods for their patience.

This fic owes a great debt to such works as Orwell's 1984, Alan Moore's V for Vendetta, the film The Manchurian Candidate and the works of John LeCarre, all of which in some manner provided inspiration for the conception and writing of the story. Danny Foster (and his wife Kirsty) are taken from the BBC series Party Animals which revolves around the lives of young Labour and Conservative political researchers and lobbyists. Nemworth Interrogation Unit and various other MI5-related elements are taken from or influenced by the BBC series Spooks. In addition, I must give major props to the highly informative and incredibly helpful factsheets hosted on the website of the United Kingdom Parliament, which, when printed, fill two reams of paper and a four-inch binder. The title is a nod toward a fragment of verse by John Taylor.

Summary: The State Security Forces come not in the middle of a dark night as one might expect, but on a bright, sunshiny Sunday morning just after the sausages are set on the kitchen table.

Sing A Mad Rebellion (link goes to the fic post on [info]snarry_games)

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