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Recs, and can someone please tell Kanye to stop dropping his drawers in public?

Kanye West, you're an asshole. And I don't even know Taylor Swift's music, but I'm about to go download her album from iTunes whether I like it or not just so she'll get some money. It's the least I can do as a protest for such douchebaggery. Somebody needs to get that man into therapy or rehab. Fast.

I've been really tired for about a week or so now; I think I've got some sort of low-grade virus that isn't bad enough to cause me to feel okay with staying home from work, but which is just draining enough to make me fatigued and brain-dead for most of the day. :/ It's been fun, let me tell you. I meant to spend all weekend writing. Instead I spent most of it sleeping, and I'm still ridiculously tired. Very annoying, let me tell you. Particularly when one has deadlines which one is not going to meet because one is so zonked one cannot think, much less write coherently. *sadface*

Anyway. Two recs for my flist....

There's an H/D fic in [info - livejournal.com] hp_summersmut that I got to beta and it's fantastic and I think everyone should read it. Voices From The Fog by [info - livejournal.com] noeon. It's a smidge under 14,000 words, it's set in Amsterdam, it has cigartette smoking (shut up, it's a kink for me), it has a Harry that I adore and a Draco who is deliciously standoffish and snarky, and I love it so much I've forced Noe into writing me a sequel. Srlsy, go read it.

And for those Snarry fen on my flist, you should run now to the [info]snarry_games and check out [info - personal] bethbethbeth's Everything He Ever Wanted, which I also got to beta. It's one of the most original takes on the epilogue I've seen, and it's charming and chilling and has the best ending ever. \0/ Although I'd kill for a sequel to it as well. *eyes Beth* So go read it too.
Thinking: effing tired effing tired


What a fucking dick. I know two things about Taylor Swift she writes her own music and there's a song she sings that my daughter loves. The most important part being the first one because I think a lot can be said of a person who writes and records their own music.

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