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So it's been a couple of weeks since I've posted...lots of work going on and lots of fest writing, although the work seems to be trumping the writing lately much to my (and my deadlines') dismay. It's been trumping a lot of things, actually, and since I have some big projects lined up for the next two months, that's probably going to be the case for a while. :/

But, um, hi! :D

Today was kind of an awesome day...my diocese had its confirmation service today, so I am now officially Episcopalian/Anglican. \0/ I had to be at my church at 8:30 this morning for the rehearsal/meeting with the bishop before the 10 a.m. service, which meant getting up at the same time I do every weekday, but it was worth the not-sleeping in. The whole service was a really profound experience for me. When our bishop laid his hands on my head for my confirmation prayer, I choked up a bit. It's hard to explain, really. The whole service just meant a lot to me, particularly because doing this was my own choice and not one that was placed on me by other people.

Also my priests and bishops are seriously awesome. \0/ for left-wing, actually-giving-a-damn-about-people religion. (I have a post in me about that versus the right-wing religion I grew up in. Someday I'll crack and write it. Maybe.)

Anyway. Celebration was had afterwards when I dragged [info]ze_dragon to the Pru for Sephora purchasing and Cheesecake Factory noshing. Their Hungarian goulash is FTW.

Recently I've started obsessing over Bones. Like seriously obsessing. I started off knowing how season 3 ended since I was curious last May when the OMG NO THEY DIDN'T posts started cropping up on my flist. So I went in knowing about Zach. I started by watching the premiere of season four, then I backed up and inhaled season three so that I knew what had gone on that might affect season four. Then I went back and ripped through season one and now I'm halfway through season two. (Yes, I am totally watching in an insane manner, I recognize this.)

But OMG, my love for Zach has grown and grown, even knowing how things are going to wind up. Dammit, I want him out of the institution for good. :( :( :( So I can slash him with Hodgins.

Also, I have decided that I have a HUGE crush on Emily Deschanel. Which is kind of funny because I've had a crush on her sister Zooey for a while. (I think it's the She and Him album. *g*)

I mean, hi. I cannot decide which one is more awesomely hot:

SEE? Emily. Zooey. Zooey. Emily. I CANNOT CHOOSE! This has been tormenting me for weeks now. I guess I'll just have to go for both. :D

Anyway, I've also been reading the books by Kathy Reichs that the series was based on, and I can say definitively that I prefer the TV version of Temperance Brennan. The book version's really kind of Mary Sueish in a weird way and I kind of...well...am not fond of her. Plus she's nasty to the one character in the books I like. Who happens to be the slightly antisocial, snarky bastard who is in no way a love interest but who I think is SO much more interesting than the character that's set up as the love interest who happens to bore me to tears. WHAT CAN I SAY I HAVE A TYPE. I'm so predictable. Anyway, the books are interesting enough since the forensic elements of them are very detailed and fascinating. (The most recent one I read had a four-page in-depth description of how blood spatter works, for example.) But I'm meh about the characters. I highly prefer the TV show. (And I'm seriously glad they changed Brennan's whole personality. I love TV Brennan's social awkwardness. *g*)

And I've started to drive [info]ze_dragon crazy by asking her constantly, "okay, oh forensic student roomie o' mine, is what they're doing even possible", to which she usually provides a solid scientific explanation because she is freaky smart about this sort of thing, and half the time I end up going, ew, gross, I really didn't need to know that which amuses her greatly. And we have an ongoing discussion about the delicate balance of eating while watching maggots wriggle out of decomposed bodies. (As in, she can cheerfully do it, and I get a little green sometimes. Which would be why she's the forensics student and I'm the graphic designer. *G*) Although I do think this show is desensitizing me more than the X-Files and Millennium did, which is saying something, given that I'd eagerly chow down on lo mein on Friday and Sunday nights without a second thought to any blood or gore spattered across my TV screen. Now I'm getting used to eating while eyeing half-rotted skulls. Go, me!

Speaking of the X-Files, I have only this to say about Thursday's Supernatural: Been there, done that, seen it in XF, Season Five, Post-modern Prometheus which frankly was a million times better than the SPN take on early horror flicks. PMP had heart. And Cher. Okay, faux!Cher, but STILL. I was really disappointed with SPN this week. :/ Of course, I'm willing to admit that PMP was one of my all-time favourite XF episodes, so that probably affects my opinion some. Okay. A lot. *g* Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting back to normal SPN. If SPN can be said to be normal. *G* I want some more Dean/Castiel interaction, dammit.

In completely unrelated news, there's an Autumn/Halloween challenge going on at pornish_pixies. Submission is open to all members and watchers, so I highly, highly encourage people to submit art and fic for it. Highly. Really highly. Submissions are due by November 8 and if you're writing fic, you can write as little as 500 words or as much as 10,000.

And if you're interested in some excellent autumnal Severus/Regulus, you should go over to pornish and take a look at [info]drachenmina's Our Night which is deliciously awesome.

Also, I am RPing a thread tonight that is tearing me up. It's cathartic for my woobie, but oh my God, it's painful. *may be having a bit of RP bleed at the moment*

And look, in one post I've managed to go from church to Bones to lesbian crushes to forensics to Supernatural to gay porn about wizards to angsty RPing. NEVER SAY I AM NOT WELL ROUNDED. Or something. :D
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