Hey! All you bandslashers out there!

Do you hear those bells a-jingling in the distance? Yes, that's right. It's HOLIDAY FEST TIME. And bandom? Needs us some Christmas smut, y'all.

So [info]ze_dragon and I have decided to run a small anonymous fic exchange this December for bandslash called [info]nightmare_xmas. Yes. After that movie. *g* Hey, if it's good enough for our boys... :D

With [info]gmth's permission (thank you Gina!) we're modeling it somewhat after the classic HP holiday exchange, [info]merry_smutmas. We're looking to sign up between 31-62 participants. Enough to have one post of fic or art a day throughout the month, but no more than two.

Stories have to be 1,000 words long at least, but there's no cap on what you write. Hell, if you want to write a 50,000-word bandslash masterpiece, GO FOR IT. This fandom needs more long fics, dammit.

Signups for the fest will open on Monday, August 27 and close Monday Sept. 3. Assignments will go out by September 15, and fics will be due on November 19. Posting will commence on December 1, and the reveals will be made sometime in the first week of January.

So if you're interested, check out the details on this post on Livejournal and then go join the comm! We'll also be mirroring the community here on Insanejournal for those who'd like to follow it there as well.

And pimp, you guys. Pimpity, pimpity, pimp. After all, there'll be presents for ALL of us, right? :D

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