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Oh Celeste...

People. I have worked so hard today it's not funny and tomorrow's going to be just as insane. Sigh. I like my goofing-off-at-work days so much better, thanks. Ah well. I'm off for three days next week to go see MCR, so it evens out.

So my new MacBook arrived today and it is the bomb. I just downloaded something at 1200KB per second. DUDE. I've never gone above 300 before.

I shifted 20 GB of crap over from my old computer tonight and I still have 100 GB on the hard drive. THIS ROCKS OMG. And it now has as the desktop a photo of Rhett Miller AS HE SWEATED ON ME, PEOPLE, and it has been dubbed Severus (as usual for my laptops) but this time it's actually appropriate because it's a black MacBook rather than a white one. So now I have the whole Snape family: a black laptop named Severus, a white external HD named Draco, and a black iPod covered with a skin of Botticelli's Venus named Marik. (That last will only be amusing to people who follow Dungeons, I'm afraid, and are accquainted with Snape's illegitimate former art thief son, but trust me IT'S FUNNY. Well. Okay. To me at least.)

There will be pictures to come tomorrow and you can all point your fingers and mock me for my Cult of Macintosh geekage. :D

Back on the bandslash front, [info]ze_dragon and I have decided that Insanejournal needs a bandslash comm. So. We made one. [info]hoodies. If you're over at Insanejournal, feel free to join...it's open for fic, art, recs, squee, you name it. Slash, het, femmeslash and gen are all welcome and the order of the day is to have fun. So hop over and join in. We may even be having fic challenges at times. Because the EYELINER LOVE MUST BE BROUGHT TO INSANEJOURNAL. *nods sagely and pushes all IJ bandslashers towards the comm* (Speaking of IJ, let me just say [info]squeaky rocks. I've been in communication with him tonight, and he's just beyond fantastic.)

Also, Dragon and I may have another bandslashy project in the works. We shouldn't be allowed to hang out together, really. We come up with mad ideas. Trust me. And I may have convinced her to not only go see FOB in Massachusetts with me in Nov, but also maybe even the next night in Connecticut. MUAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA. Do y'all know what I'll be like if I see Patrick Stump two nights in a row? Yeah. Slight implosion.

And on the the Harry Potter side, oh my God, you guys. I have two recs for you today. So you know how [info]icarusancalion writes like the BEST Percy ever? Yeah. Well, she wrote a wee bit of Snape/Percy for me and you guys. Oh my God. You have to read it because it's awesome. Small Sacrifices. Go. Read now. I heart Icarus's Percy more than I can possibly say. And her Snape? Is fantabulous.

And [info]draco_a_malfoy drew a truly gorgeous Draco piece (with implied Snape/Draco) called Necromancy, based on a joke I made pre-DH about Draco doing necromancy. I just. The colours are incredible and the composition is gorgeous and it makes me ache, y'all. It's so beautiful.

*hearts on [info]icarusancalion and [info]draco_a_malfoy*

Still behind on email/comments..that may continue the next day or two. Work is...sigh. Yeah.
Thinking: busy busy
Singing: Old 97's: Timebomb


*is so very easy apparently*

I like to think of it as me being persuasive! :D

i love that song. heeeeh.

1200kb/sec?! Dude, that's crazy fast! I have tech envy, even though I don't do Macs.

BUT, the most important question is this. Which picture of Rhett? :D

Y'know, I've got koi on my desktop, but I might have to switch to sweaty Rhett.

*pokes with the not critical but not to be forgetting email stick*

Hehe, I love the names of your Macs. My PC before it died on me was called Balky just because the monitor was so damn bulky. Never did name my laptop though.

Oh, Mac envy! I want one of the new iMacs so bad.

So, if you had an iPhone, would it be Harry? (To be a Mac and Dungeons completist.)

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